Clockwork Dog - Loop (English version)

Clockwork Dog
Room: Loop
Address: 494 Kingsland Road, London

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Lately, we are used to make escape rooms in places where we travel, addiction above all else. This time, we had prepared a trip to London, so we set to work in the search of the best escape rooms.

It is true that searching in the web we had a lot of escape rooms and this was complicating the decision. We needed advice from someone expert and knowledgeable about the different escape rooms in London!! We got in touch with Ken, creator of The Logic Escapes Me. After explaining him the idea of ​​what we were looking for, he recommended us a few escape rooms. He also told us that he had done some in Spain and even his wife offered to play with us. We recommend you that you take a look at his page because it has no waste and will help you in your future decisions.

Finally our decision was Loop from Clockwork Dog. It was located quite close to our hotel and everything we read, and Ken told us, was amazing so we could not resist us. Before making the booking we wrote to the local to ask if the room had word play (anagrams or riddles) or something of reading for which it was necessary an extensive knowledge of the language. It is true that the language barrier scared us, we speak English but we are not experts. However, in this room you will not find word play or any puzzle in which you need an extensive knowledge of English.

The place is small, but it is offset by the great Game Master they have. Just we crossed the door, two of the Game Master received us and get us into the story.

Are you ready to enter the unknown?

Be the first to test a pioneering new technology, in an experiment that will change the course of human history.

Welcome to Frontier Engineering, a private research and development company working on nuclear transmutation, quantum tunnels and the applications of dark energy.

Engineers have not presented at work today and due to a mysterious memory loss effect, they have been leaving clues so they can activate the machine and we are the emergency engineers so they call us to turn on this machine.

Unlike most of the escape rooms that we have played, there is not a screen in which to visualize the time. The clues go through an electronic device, which we let you discover if you visit this room (although as we will discuss below, the time of this room is coming to an end). One of the Game Masters spoke a little Spanish and told us that they would try to send us the clues in Spanish, great detail!!! We are deeply grateful for the effort this entailed for them. In fact, in the first clue they sent us, the device stopped working because they had never tried it in another language and it did not accept the letter ñ. The Game Masters rushed to solve the problem and everything returned to normal.

Regarding the setting of the room, at first sight it seems simple, it is a small room with some objects without apparent relation between them. However, as you progress in the game appear a couple of surprises which make that the setting improves greatly. It is very difficult to talk about the game without spoilers so we will only say, that you do not feel disappointed by what you see upon entering the room. It is true that the room is small and seems simple but as we have said, a couple of surprises are waiting for you so if you are attentive they will leave you astounded!

The puzzles are not very abundant but some of them are really difficult. We also want to highlight the level of originality of the puzzles since there were a couple of games that really surprised us. We started quite well, solving things quickly, however in the second part of the game we got stuck with one of the puzzles, we had to try it again and again until, finally, with the help of the Game Masters, we managed to advance.

As the game gets close, the adrenaline is noticed with each movement. We could not stop running around the room, we could not even think. We did not escape on time although they let us finish the game once the time had been fulfilled. One detail that we liked a lot is that, at the end of the game, they gave us a document with our time in the room and in this document they had marked the different moments that we had spent inside.

Doubtlessly, what stands out in this room is the originality of the story. A very well thoughtful storyline that makes you have to overcome yourself in every moment. Clockwork boys play perfectly with the effects of lights and sounds. We found it a great idea that they have also developed well.

If you want to try this room, which we highly recommend, hurry up because Clockwork maintains their different rooms for 3 months and then they renew them. Loop has the closing date very close, June 25 is its last day. On our next trip to London we will make them a visit!

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